Foundation Digging & Excavation

One of the more common services that our professionals are called upon for is foundation digging & excavation. Whether this offering is for a residential or commercial property, you can expect the highest level of accuracy and expertise through J. W. Dubis & Sons.

We have been bringing this service to buildings across the Cape Cod area for many years, and we know what it takes to bring speed and precision in our digs. We also provide your site with the means to protect excavated materials until the backfill process.

Getting started is simple. Just give us a call or fill out our online quote request form. A knowledgeable foundation digging and construction specialist will be able to assist you immediately and schedule your free consultation.

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The Importance of Proper Soil & Foundation Grading

Once the site surveyors are done their work on the property that will soon have your home placed upon it, it’s time for the pros at J. W. Dubis & Sons to get to work. In bringing you the proper services, it’s not just a matter of digging a hole that will fit a foundation. There is precision in the work, and accurate grading to the specifications of the foundation installation company. When digging footings for your foundation, everything is precisely measured to ensure that your home will rest upon accurate math, and services carried out by experienced professionals. Proper grading:

  • Ensures less chance of foundation issues
  • Reduces standing water in your yard
  • Helps other underground systems operate efficiently

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Affordable Foundation Digging

We often have customers calling in wondering how much it costs to dig a foundation, and in order to answer that question effective, we first need to understand the need of your excavation. Some of the questions we will ask include:

  • How many square feet will the foundation be?
  • What material will be used to fill the foundation?
  • Does the soil contain a high level of rock or clay content?

As with any service, quality costs, and yet when choosing J. W. Dubis & Sons, you can be sure that we keep the cost of digging a foundation low in order to eliminate the barrier of access. We know the importance of having your foundation dug and graded accurately, and we ensure that even if you’re worried about the cost of excavation for foundation, we provide you with an affordable entrance price. Get in touch with J. W. Dubis & Sons to learn more!

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Backfilling the Foundation

After the work is done on your foundation, whether repairs or initial installation, having the removed soil replaced around your foundation will assist in its overall integrity and the dependability of the area after time. During this step, it is important to make sure proper backfilling techniques are used in order to prevent settling that can cause issues down the line.

When choosing J. W. Dubis & Sons for your foundation digging & excavation needs, you can depend on our experts to see the job through, and to not only bring you removal, but also addition that will serve the future of your new home. No matter the extent of service you can call upon our experts. As dedicated professionals, you can always rely on us to stick with it until you’re perfectly satisfied with the results.

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